Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sweet Sweet Girls

Yesterday the girls came in from walking home off the bus and were so excited. They told me the neighbors were outside pulling their weeds from their front yard (it was very overgrown and a sore spot for Jim). They told me they asked Debra and Bill if they could help and they said yes. I fed them a snack and sent them to help. Before they left though, I got them each a flat head screwdriver (thanks Nana) and instructed them on how to get a root out. I told them that if they were going to help, they needed to get the roots so that the neighbors didn't have to go back and do it again later.

I sent them off, running in their excitement to help others. When they got home, they were so happy they got to help. I asked how the screwdrivers worked. They said that Debra said, "that was sure nice of your mom to take the time to show you how to use those". Then Gracey said that Debra even put her hand shovel down and borrowed Gracey's screwdriver for some of the tough weeds she couldn't get to roots too. I was so happy the girls could help.

It so touched my heart and I was so happy to be able to call Jim and tell him how the girls want to get in there and get things done. I commented to Jim that it's not normal for kids to come home from school and want to clean or weed. Most kids want to watch TV, ride bikes and play. Not mine. I told them to put it in their activity day books as a goal they accomplished for service.

They are in the spirit of service and I love it! Gracey said, "maybe next week we can help them clean their house!" I told her they can help me with that, she giggled.

Debra also told them that she always gets a kick out of hearing them argue over who gets to punch in the code to the garage when they get home from school. She said she can hear them and how sweet it is. Megan and Gracey then told me that they have a plan for next time they walk home. Gracey said, "Mom, when we walk by their house next week, we are going to pretend to argue over who gets to clean the toilet"! I laughed. They do argue over who gets to do that becasue they both love to do it. You would think it would be the opposite, but not with my sweet sweet girls. They blow me away and set such a great example for me to follow.

I love my kids and their sweet sweet spirits.

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